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The Board of Directors of the NCFC is informing the community that all discussions with the Mountain Avenue Market (formally The Fort Collins Food Coop) with regards to transitioning the management of the Winter Farmer’s Market have ceased. The NCFC will be seeking to fully dissolve over the coming months, and this message is to advise of further steps regarding that process.

The NCFC board announced in the Summer of 2018 to discontinue the activities of the Cluster, and to seek dissolution, pending discussions of whether appropriate entity might take over management of the Winter Farmer’s Market, an ancillary activity of the NCFC. As those discussions have run their course, and all other activities of NCFC have ended, we are confirming that beginning on or around August 31, 2019, we will proceed to a complete dissolution of the organization.

As such, we are posting this Request for Proposal (RFP) to local non-profits who wish to apply to be the recipient of a portion of the remaining financial assets of the NCFC. In order to be considered, your organization must be an established 501(c) 3 not for profit entity, and must provide the following information to the Board of Directors at the latest Tuesday, August 13th, 2019, 11:59 PM Mountain time:

    The leadership structure of your entity

  • Director and staff, their role, responsibility, and compensation reflected in
    financial pro forma (see below)
  • Details on your current board composition, and plans for future board
    recruitment and membership with the names and qualifications, if
  • Other contributors besides staff and board, i.e. other individuals expected
    to provide support, and what their formal role is in the organization
    Brief description of the mission of your organization, which must be related

    to the mission of the Cluster (description of the mission can be found on the
    “Who we are” section of the website)

    Financials including a projected budget and a pro forma financial statement

    and plans for financial and operational sustainability of the organization;

    Current location of your organization and area of service;
    A request for specific amount of funds from NCFC and an explanation on how

    those funds would be utilized.

We expect this proposal to be is detailed as possible (no less than 7-10 pages).

Your reply to this RFP should be addressed in an attached document
to before the deadline specified above.