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Winter Farmers’ Market Operation Transition: Three applicants expressed interest to assume control and responsibilities of Northern Colorado Food Cluster

Public Notice:
In our effort to provide transparency and in the spirit of the best practice for the public benefit by a non-profit entity, the Board of Directors for the Northern Colorado Food Cluster is announcing the update on the transition of the entity control as announced to the members and supporters on June 29, 2018 with the decision to winding-up the operation. In our first update on August 1, 2018, we requested input from the community partners and members regarding individuals or entities interested in assuming the control and responsibility of the Northern Colorado Food Cluster as well as its remaining active program, Winter Farmers’ Market.

Upon extending the submission deadline to October 12, 2018, we received interests and the written letters of intent from four applicants. One applicant withdrew, thus we are currently considering three applications. All three applicants indicate their interest and commitment to continue operating the Winter Farmers’ Market. The applications will be scored based on their required response to the letter of intent and we will be updating the public once the highest scored entity has been identified and the entity has accepted to enter a transition process.

For various reasons, we have also received a request for resignation from four Board of Directors during this challenging winding-up operation period and we would like to thank Brendan McCrann, Katy Ricketts, Carrie Frickman, and Lauren Rhoades for their service. The remaining board members are committed to responsibly transition the operation to the new entity chosen from the three remaining applicants. Also, due to the vacancy of the Executive Director position, and the need to operate remaining day to day activity, the Board of Director has appointed Dr. Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga as the Executive Officer of the Board of Director with all necessary authority to execute remaining activities during the transition.

We thank you for your continued interest in, and commitment to our local food community!


The Northern Colorado Food Cluster Board of Directors
Corey Preston, President
Nathalie Rachline, Treasurer
Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga, Executive Officer